How many times i have been dreaming 

that i was in Jabaloyas ¡

How many times i have been crying

after i woke up ¡

Poet from Jabaloyas, Pascual Navarro y Pérez

At the beginning of 20th

century our neighbours

Relatives and friends began an exodus of emigration from Jabaloyas and Arroyofrío to the EEUU and México. Our emigrants, without speaking the language, with hardly any money, left their familie s, tired of the poverty and hardships that existed in our village at that time. They set off on an adventure, to an uncertain future, unknown countries in search of a job, to be able to offer a better life to their families.

We follow in their footsteps!

We inquire into their live!

We do not want to forget them!

 And we dedicate this work to them, so that their feat, and that example of struggle bravery, is not diluted in time, but remains in our memory and for the following generations.

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